This is the Day of Intercession!
A Word by Nellie O’Hara
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I woke up from a dream on September 16, 2019 and heard these words. “THIS IS the Day of Intercession.” I could feel the weight behind it and the substance of the words which thundered through my spirit.

I knew in the spirit realm that we were entering into a new level of intercession. That our intercessions had a great foundation because of the intercession throughout the passages of time and that we were now standing on the shoulders of those who stood in the gap from days gone by. (We honour them.)

I heard a mandate in the Spirit and heard the Lord say, “It is time to RAMP UP the intercession!” I could hear that it was time to go deeper, higher and wider.

After I heard these things, I could feel it bathed in urgency.

We had to leave the comfort of our homes and it was as if we had to leave everything behind. I could not see anyone carrying anything. People began to gather on the street. They were discerning what was happening as they came out from their homes and looking at one another. There was a broadcast message coming to our spirits to run. It was like we were receiving what direction we were to run in without words.

I could see myself out on the street and I could see others gathering behind me who were getting the message which was being broadcast into their hearts. The same message at the same time. They were coming outside into the street from the comfort of their homes and getting ready to run too. They knew, instinctively, which way they were going to run.

There was a place of safety, which had been prepared for us, that was waiting for us. I could see myself starting to run with all my might and then all of a sudden I was in a bed, in-between these white sheets. It was a pure place, I knew this was the first place we all had to come to. This was our first stop. It was the stop that was necessary to bring us to the next place that we would have to run to.

The first place had been made ready for us. It was already prepared. As I saw myself in the bed between the white sheets I knew it was a place of intimacy and a place to rest.

I hear the Lord say that “There is a call, a broadcast that it going out to run with URGENCY to this place of intimacy. It is urgent, and required, in order to go further than we ever have been.”

I was taken into a grocery store and it was imperative that we buy food to take with us. Again an urgency. It felt time-stamped to do this NOW. The atmosphere was solemn and everyone was beginning to get the message. The “Fear of the Lord” was present and saturated into the atmosphere.

I hear the Lord say, “You must step into this “NOW”. I am unlocking the hearts for the next level intercessions!” For deep intercessions which ONLY COMES from a place of intimacy with me. Run with all you have to intimacy!”

In my dream, I was reminded of Noah building the boat, the arc. When there was no rain to be seen with the natural eye. Noah heard the sound of rain.

God says, “Your intercessions are building an arc, that you hear the sound of rain now and you hear the sound of the future. You have begun to build, but you need to ramp it up. You need to have intercession going higher, deeper, wider from your homes, entering into that place of intimacy, coupled with the food, the bread of life, the word, fresh manna…..building, forming, fashioning, calling forth, pushing back, pushing forward, pushing out, pulling in and COMING INTO AGREEMENT WITH WHAT I HAVE ALREADY SAID.”

Just as Noah heard the sound of rain and began to build, so did Elijah hear the sound of rain, nothing was to be seen, yet after looking over and over again, a cloud the size of a man’s hand was seen. Immediate intercession by putting his head between his legs and birthing the rain was required. A man, a prophet, a prophetic intercessor was birthing. It was a NOW intercession, there was urgency on it. This is that moment of intercession. This is that now time…. to push.

I heard the Lord say that we will enforce what God has already said. We are going to build according to His instructions…. right to the very details in the Spirit.

We are the enforcers, we are the wild ones in intercession.

Because we have reached one level of intercession it is not time to get comfortable. Because we have victory at one level it is not time to stop building. It is time to ramp up the intercessions for our personal, corporate, national and global Kingdom affairs. On earth as it is in Heaven. Intercession is feeling what is that is to come and coming into agreement. We are the portals.

I hear the Lord say it is time, as one, discerning the body properly, to come into agreement with what God says. It is urgent to run into intimacy now. From there you will get your next step.

Hebrews 11:7 TPT Faith opened Noah’s heart to receive revelation and warnings from God about what was coming, even things that had never been seen. But he stepped out in reverent obedience to God and built an ark that would save him and his family.”

Hebrews 10:16 TPT “Afterwards, I will give them this covenant: I will embed my laws into their hearts and fasten my Word to their thoughts.”

Psalm 149:9 TPT “Praise-filled warriors will enforce the judgement -doom decreed against their enemies. This is the glorious honour he gives to all His godly lovers.”

Isaiah 30:21 TPT “When you turn to the right or the left, you will hear His voice behind you to guide you, saying ‘This is the right path: follow it.’

Isaiah 62:6 TPT “Jerusalem, I have stationed intercessors on your walls who will never be silent, say or night…”

1 Kings 18:41 & 42 And Elijah said to Ahab, “Go up, eat and drink, for there is the sound of a heavy rain.”So Ahab went up to eat and drink. But Elijah climbed to the summit of Carmel, bent down on the ground, and put his face between his knees.…

April 2, 2019

"A Word for Canada: 'Crank Up the Oil Rigs!'"
Nellie O'Hara, Ottawa, Canada


"He will love you and bless you and multiply you; He will also bless the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your ground, your grain and your new wine and your oil, the increase of your herd and the young of your flock, in the land which He swore to your forefathers to give you." (Deut. 7:13)


Recently, as I was driving, I heard the Lord speak over Canada: "Old structures are falling down. Old ways of doing things are not working anymore. The days of back-room meetings, the days of hoodwinking, those days are over. Those days are gone."


I hear the Lord saying, "Transparency ... transparency is the freedom that is coming to this land. Transparency in thought. Transparency in deed. Transparency. I see prosperity falling as the snow falls ... ever so gently. There is prosperity falling across this nation from coast to coast as old structures are being taken down by their very foundations.

I Give You This Nation


"I see a people rising. They are saying, 'It's enough, enough!' I see eyes being opened, I see ears being opened and yes, there is an awakening. Finally! Finally I have a people who are listening to My voice. Finally, I have a people who hear My thoughts and are willing to go forth – are willing to put their foot towards their future. Oh, you have all seen the tsunami coming. You have all seen the tidal wave coming, but there is a reckoning, a reckoning that has to do with justice for the founding fathers of this country. There is a reckoning that has to do with recovery and restoration and restitution for the destiny of this nation."


I hear the Lord saying, "I give you this nation, as a gift. It is My gift to you. It is My promise," says the Lord. "I continue to say, 'Do not fear, do not be shaken.' The turnaround of what man's agenda was is here."

Crank Up the Oil Rigs!

"Life was so good that I washed my feet in cream and had plenty of the finest oils." (Job 29:6 ERV)


I hear the Lord saying, "It's a go! Crank up those oil rigs, for there shall be a flourishing of oil that shall begin to lubricate the flatlands. My oil is landing in hard places that have been made dry and recalibrating the soil, birthing forth the dreams for this nations. For the intercessions of My people crying out have gone forth and they are causing the sea to part. The only dry land is that which you will cross over as you enter into the promises I have for this nation.

"My oil is landing to restore a nation. Not only a nation, but your dreams. Not only your dreams, but your desires. The oil is being cranked to restore your foothold and plant your feet firmly to a path that has been carved out for you. The oil is refreshing your bones and those dry places are coming alive.

"False idols are crumbling and your children are rising, for I have seeded within a generation a foundation that is building to take the structure of withholding off of your limited view.

"There is an inner oil rig inside of you, and hear Me this day: the oil is going to flow. The oil of My Spirit is going to flow and dismantle that which is not in alignment with My dream for you and for your destiny. My oil will flow, and My oil is going to burn. There will be burning ones who are relevant to walk in My ways and My love, and My love will burn through their veins. As My oil flows, the oil of this nation will flow and prosper.

"He made him ride on the high places of the earth, and he ate the produce of the field; and He made him suck honey from the rock, and oil from the flinty rock." (Deut. 32:13 NASB)


See My Oil Flood Your Spheres

"The oil will flow in government. The oil will flow in education. The oil will flow in media. The oil will flow in ministry. The oil will flow in every area. The oil will flow into the cranks as the oil rigs are being cranked up.

"There will be a seven-fold return on what has been stolen. I will redeem," says the Lord, "I will redeem the days. I will redeem the destruction. I will redeem the time. I will redeem the hurt and the agony.


"The days of great healing are coming upon this nation. Liberty and plumb lines of righteousness and the true freedom that comes with these are hovering as their holding pattern is being readied to land. Just as My hand swept across the United States, My hand will sweep across this nation."

"... And they will come and shout for joy on the height of Zion, and they will be radiant over the bounty of the Lord – over the grain and the new wine and the oil, and over the young of the flock and the herd; and their life will be like a watered garden, and they will never languish again." (Jer. 31:12)

"Then the LORD became jealous for His land and spared His people. And the Lord answered His people: 'Behold, I will send you grain, new wine, and oil, and by them you will be satisfied. I will never again make you a reproach among the nations.'" (Joel 2:18-19)

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January 7, 2017

Kelowna, BC

through Mike and Cindy Jacobs



"There is getting ready to be a swirl of the anointing in British Columbia.  The swirl of the anointing is going to move from British Columbia across Canada and impact the entire nation of Canada and then it is going to sweep down through the United States of America, through Mexico, through Central and South America.


But it is going to originate, and this is based on earlier words that have come out of the 1980's that began at meetings with an opening prayer by latinos and I don't think they even knew where Canada was at the time.  They were just being guided by the Holy Spirit.  And the Lord told us this year that we were entering into a season where we begin to recognize that God does not forget the prophetic words words that He has spoke over places.  


He does not forget the prophetic words He has spoken over you as individuals and He does not forget the prophetic words He has spoken over nations and continents.


God is getting ready to do something and you are a manifestation of that, so whether you realize it or not there is  swirl of the Spirit that is already in this place.  But this time I believe that God wants to take that swirl and place it on you so that wherever you go that swirl of the Holy Spirit is there and it's going to result in the manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders."


Cindy Explained:  When Cindy Jacobs was at a meeting years ago at ORU they had asked a Latino woman to open in prayer.  They also asked a Latino woman to open in prayer at another meeting.  The women stood up and began to pray and weep and prophesy that there was a revival that was going to begin in Canada on the left side of the coast and it was going to sweep across Canada from the left to the right and it was going to begin to burn into the US and go down.

Now Cindy's vision and Word:


As she was on the plane coming to this conference.  Cindy had a vision of the map of Canada.  British Columbia stood out and appeared to be on fire.


"In the Coming days British Columbia will be seen as the believer's Citadel.  And the Lord says " I am going to do a great and powerful work in this province.  A great reformation that will be a divine mix of both revival and reformation.  It will be glorious, It will b greater that any work of God ever before.


A greater move of God and the harvest will touch those in the media and the arts among others."  Listen, God is coming to the media in Canada including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  God is going to answer the roots of the root.  I see and I don't know the history of Canada.  I see the people who began in media here, there was a heart to spread the good news and the Lord is showing me that the Lord is going to bring such a revival.  There will be media revolutionaries that God is going to raise up that are going to be evangelists in the secular media.


God says "It's time for evangelism to get out of the house and into the streets and into the network."  And the Lord says "I am preparing a network revival of the greatest secular network.  In fact, it's going to touch Rogers/Shaw and they are going to reverse positions they had on Christians."  God is breaking into cable in remarkable ways.


There are going to be many many evangelists and this move will sweep from the left to the right.  There will be many stadiums filled with young worshippers who have been brought to the Lord through this move.  It's time for stadium christianity.  But it will be non-traditional.  God is bringing a non-traditional sound that is a new wine sound that is like nothing that has ever been released before.


God says " There are many who are pre-christians who are going to listen to this sound who will be singing it before they believe but as they sing they will believe.


I am going to shake up both the provincial government and the federal government and it will be a new wine (season/reason?) as for those who have been in charge of anti-biblical values will be shocked, as they are tossed out of office."  


For the Lord says " Do not let your hearts sorrow over the recent things you have seen come out of Ottawa.  I am preparing a conservative champion who is my man of peace for the nation.  There is an underground movement brewing and there will come a suddenly in the future.  Those who are pro-abortion and anti-Israel are thrown out of office in a surprising national development."


The Lord says "I am going to shock those who thought they had Canada sown up for anti biblical values".  But God says "I'm even going to come to school.  Bible clubs will be started in the public schools that will become models for reformation and a popularization of biblical values."


God says "The founders of this nation had a vision for a righteous nation and righteousness will rule in this nation once again."


The Lord says "This is conditional upon the church mobilizing the ecclesia to be a voice to get out to vote.  You must get out and work.  Politics is not a dirty word says the Lord, it is only a vehicle I can reveal my glory through.  For have I not said that Government will be upon my shoulders.

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