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June 12, 13

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2020's Next Level - Living The Dream

Equipping for positioning & establishing

your destiny for this decade.

There are great dreams waiting to be fulfilled that are inside of you. In God's Kingdom, age has no barrier to these dreams. This event will help unlock what's been lying dormant, for whatever reason, to bring you to the Next Level. We have some great speakers that will equip you so you can position yourself to step into all you were meant to be. We are excited for this next decade, the roaring 20's and going together to the next level to live the dream.


7 pm - Darren


10:00 am - Nellie 

2:00 pm Workshops with Nellie and Michelle (Prophetic Intercession and Christian Humour.)

7:00 pm - Michelle and Barry



Darren Canning

Darren Canning is a revivalist preacher who has a heart for revival and believes that God will touch lives deeply wherever he goes.  He teaches on hearing the voice of God and experiencing the supernatural. Darren's life was touched powerfully through an encounter with God and he was transformed from an Atheist to a believer in a moment. He knows that if others experience God this way then they too will be changed forever.


Michelle Sim

Michelle Sim is from Oakville, Ontario where she lives with her husband of 52 years, Ian, a retired City of Toronto Fire Fighter. She is known for her authenticity, her sense of humour, and her dynamic stage presence. Author of 3 books, recording artist, producer of live events, and ordained minister for over 35 years, Michelle is also the creator of “Love Bombs” that go out via email each Monday to Friday morning. Michelle inspires with her gift of encouragement, seeing her walk with Christ from His ascended point of view. “It is finished.” Michele Sim has chosen to share her life-changing inspirational talks and apostolic pastoral care, centered around learning about God’s unconditional love, putting it into practice, and laughing every opportunity along the way.


Nellie O'Hara

Nellie O'Hara is a full-time minister with Christian Services Association, an equipping ministry, training in prayer, spiritual gifts and evangelism, serving in Canada and beyond. Nellie is also on the pastoral team with Shiloh Fellowship, an international online congregation. Nellie has extensive ministry experience in teaching and ministering in the prophetic gifts, prayer, and creative outreach. Nellie is a contributor to Elijah List and a spiritual mentor. People enjoy Nellie's sincere, personal style of training and engaging activations. Nellie is married and currently lives in Ontario. She has recently authored two new books: Simple Powerful Life-Changing Decrees and The Lord's Prayer as a Decree.


Barry Maracle

Barry Maracle is a fourth-generation believer in Jesus Christ. He was originally from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory but now resides in Belleville, ON with his wife of twenty-four years, Tammy and their five children. Most of his time over the past few years, Barry has been traveling internationally, speaking as a prophetic voice in a variety of different venues. Barry’s number-one passion is to see people maximize their purpose and, in doing so, live a fulfilled life. 



Lisa O'Neil

Lisa has been leading worship for over 20 years, primarily in her own church, but also in other churches in the area. Since 2008, she has also led worship for dozens of Christian conferences in the region as well as for a regional prayer gathering. She has a passion for unity in the Church and intimacy in worship. She released her first CD in 2015 entitled 'Intimacy with God'. In day-to-day life, Lisa is a grandma of 8, and a full-time building inspector. She loves to travel on misssionary ventures, building stuff, music, painting, and morning coffee!


Trish Stenzl

Trish is an award-winning songwriter, worship leader and recording artist. She has ministered extensively including leading worship in local church settings for more than three decades. She has been a key player in assisting worship initiatives within her city as well as leading worship at her city’s House of Prayer since it’s inception. She is a prolific and inspired songwriter who has received various awards over the years. Her song Canada Arise, has been widely received and the French version Lêve-toi, ô Canada received a nomination by GMA Canada for Francophone Song of the Year. Her fourth album, I Stand Inside of Grace, was nominated for Best Praise and Worship Album of the year by the GMA Canada and her single, Orbit of Your Joy was nominated for Best Jazz Blues song of the year. Trish longs to see God’s people set free and God’s manifest glory revealed. Her worship carries a healing anointing and she loves to sing prophetically over those that need healing.

Early Bird Registration

Before June 1, 2020






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