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Prophetic Encouragement for Canada

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Canada is a Nation that stands in so much turmoil right now, many who

do not know me are living in much fear, despair and unbelief of the

present and the future. They face the darkness, and the fear is all to

real. But I say, says the LORD, “that the light is arising in Canada.

Ribbons of light are now coming and will rest upon and enter every

home and dwelling, says the Lord. There will be none that will not be

touch by the light, they will see that I AM, the living and only true GOD

in their midst.”

Like the false prophets by Mount Carmel, their gods will not be able to

help or sustain them. “But I, says the Lord will protect those that turn

to me, even now many are questioning their faith or lack of and looking

for a hope, looking for that peace, that only I can bring them, says the


This Nation will rise, but many will fall in that rising, and the rest will

see what has been happening in the darkness that has settled on this

nation in the night. A light is coming that will be so bright that nothing

will be able to stand in its presence, everything will have to bow in its

presence, “For I, says the Lord am coming to dispel all evil and all

darkness from Canada. Ribbons of light, of my Glory, are spiraling down

and will change and transform this Nation.”

My Angelic army is on full assignment and already in place to disrupt all

their plans and flush them into the light. No more hiding, no more lies,

no more deception, no more distractions. This slate will be wiped clean

of all who have tainted, poisoned and tried to destroy this Nation of

Canada. The enemy shall flee in terror as they realise there is no place

to hide. I am saying “reversals are coming to realign and reset Canada

into my Nation, my Canada.”

My remnant is arising and there are more and more coming into that

supernatural light that the remnant is following and drawn to. They

seek me out diligently, stopping at nothing to see my name raised up, I

have heard their prayers day and night and I have captured every tear

and will pour them back out upon your land, to heal and restore it from

all its iniquities.

Nothing more or nothing less but My plans and my strategies for

Canada. Oh, Canada you will arise in all your splendor, you will go to the

Nations and heal all that needs to be healed and transformed. I have

chosen you to take that lead, to begin to step out in that healing, for

you are a people of compassionate hearts, you are a people of love and

mercy, you are a grateful people. Your ancestors have layed a firm

faithful foundation upon which much has been built upon. I am kicking

out the weaker stones from your walls and relacing them with fortified

bricks of faith, that your walls may stand strong and true and allow

freedom to reign.

Never again will you be subjected to such tyranny; never again will you

have to succumb to these plans of the enemy. “Oh, Canada, keep your

eyes on me, turn back to me, says the Lord. I long to see you and hear

your Praises to me. Return to your first love and I will show you and

bring you thru the waters, you will cross over into your destiny, you will

arise in this season and be kept glorious and free for all the world to


Respectively submitted for your discernment,

Danielle Williams

December 15, 2022

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