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Prophetic Dream: New Colours, New Look

Updated: Feb 27


The Spirit of God came to me in a dream recently.

In the dream He showed me a place where women were wearing their makeup differently, like tie dye around the crown of our face, and the eyes, and the lips. They were women who were serving the people.

In my dream it was unusual, but there was a woman who had a white coat on, and she was applying this new look on the faces of certain woman. I was fascinated with this new look, and saw that there was something intriguing about it. I asked her “Can you do that to me?” She said, "Of course"! I had to wait my turn and as I waited I knew in my spirit that it was a look that was NEW and revolutionary but would eventually become the norm or be accepted by some. I knew the kind of women that would be wearing this look were forerunners.

Then someone gave me an iPhone and I clicked a picture on it and saw a great outpouring happening with line up upon line up of people waiting to receive impartation. I clicked on another picture and there was a voice coming from the iPhone. I could not turn it down or turn it off.

Next, I saw my two daughters drinking from a glass of multi colours, gold and green. As I looked further I saw writing on the glass. It had my name, and my mother's name, and more that I cannot remember. I had a sense that the glass they were drinking from was that of legacy and honor.

My daughter saw me looking at her from the picture on the iPhone and she showed me her NEW outfit. It was a beautiful tie dye dress, very unique and exquisite, and she twirled around to show me.


AND I HEAR THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SAY "I am releasing unusual and unique ways of application. That this is a day and the hour of a great outpouring, that there is a message that is going to reach those who are waiting and wondering if they will be reached in this hour.

AND I HEAR THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SAY "Take comfort for there are those rising up who have drunk from the glass of mysteries revealed and the glass of legacy. They will sport a certain look. The colours are being worn by a NEW breed, age having no factor, but by those who have had an ear to hear and have turned their own ears to hear the voice of the Spirit of God.

TAKE COMFORT for there is a people coming out of darkness jumping into a great light, taking great risks and abandoning all for MY sake. And though their trials and afflictions have formed their character, there will be a unique movement of holiness bringing them from the darkness of their soul to the light and life of my love. For I am using this colorful generation to reach and teach and comfort and not shy back But this is now the generation who will walk in great exploits, holding back nothing.

For those that have eyes to see LOOK and even turn aside and LOOK AGAIN; the NEW is upon us. Take comfort” says the Spirit!

Contributor: Nellie O’Hara



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