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The Many Names of Christian Services Association

by Jane Watrich - A CSA legacy article celebrating 50 years of ministry! 1974~2024

It's quite a milestone to reach 50 years of ministry! I'm speaking of Christian Services Association (CSA), not me personally - although I started teaching my first Sunday School class 46 years ago!

I'm actually the "new kid on the block" in the 50 years of CSA's history. Although I served on the pastor care and ministry teams from 1994 -1997, I didn't come on staff until 2008 and then was appointed to lead the organization in 2015.

Mary Goddard was the original founder of Christian Services Association. In May, 1974 Mary incorporated the organization in Burnaby, BC. When Mary retired from CSA in mid 1990's she passed the CSA torch to Patricia King (Pat Cocking at the time - some of you reading this might remember Patricia by that name!)

Within a few years of taking over Christian Services Association (with charities in both Canada and US under that name), Patricia moved to Kelowna, BC and founded Extreme Prophetic and XP Ministries and those names became dba's (doing business as) of CSA until around 2017, when Patricia changed CSA's US charity to Patricia King Ministries. CSA in Canada remained under the legal name of Christian Services Association.

Added to this, in 2004, CSA opened a branch office in the UK as CSA-UK and this year, CSA-UK, under the wonderful leadership of Claire Moody, celebrates it's 20 years of ministry in the UK! CSA-UK operates as an independent ministry, serving the UK and Europe!

In Canada, Christian Services Association has remained our legal charity name for 50 years. We're also known as CSA for short, and more recently, we're getting known as CSA Ministries (our website name, which is

How have you known Christian Services Association? Do you have memories of CSA? Extreme Prophetic? XPMinistries? CSAMinistries? Please post a comment below and help us celebrate! We'd love to hear your stories! <3

Join us May 10-11, 2024 for It's Time to Roar May 10-11 in Regina SK. Celebrate with us, and Patricia King and Mary Audrey Raycroft. More information and registration is at

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