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"Be prepared for action at a moment's notice." - Luke 12:35 TPT

Our Latest Newsletter
2023 - A Fruitful Year

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Genesis 26 says that Isaac lived in the land in the time of famine. In verse 12 it says Isaac sowed and in the same year he reaped a hundredfold and the Lord blessed him. This year God said to expect increase just as Isaac saw God do in Genesis 26:13 - he began to prosper and he became more prosperous and then even more prosperous! Sow into God's promises for you and God's 2023 promises. As you sow you will grow and increase! Click here to sow a one time gift now.

GENESIS 26:12 

Would you consider joining our monthly GENESIS 26:12 Prosperous Partnership?

We believe you will reap in the same year as you sow. and the added promise of Genesis 26:13 says that as we sow, we will increase and become prosperous and more prosperous, we will grow and become great in prosperity and wealth, including riches, health and wisdom! As we partner with each other, may God bless you and make you prosperous. Prosperous in your body, soul and spirit, finances, family and more! Click here to donate monthly.


Step into the next level of your personal growth and ministry with encouragement, coaching and training from our NEXT LEVEL mentors. Let's partner together to build and disciple a nation for God! 


Join our NEXT LEVEL partnership program and let's grow stronger together! Click here to learn more.

We are in partnership with Patricia King Ministries.

Donations to Patricia King Ministries will be processed and receipted through Christian Services Association and receipted for year-end. 

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It's a wall of intercessors and saints standing guard, keeping watch, and blowing the trumpet. Join hundreds of Canadians from coast to coast and north to south, as we pray for Godly government, revival and the ending of abortion in Canada. 

Visit and click on the "PRAY" button to join!


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