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Going Deeper into the Things of God

Updated: Feb 27

2021 is going to be a year of going deeper into the things of God.

When I was seeking God for what I thought the year would bring, I heard Him say that those who are on the earth, who are willing, will going to places in the Spirit where we have never been. There is a hunger arising and a thirst to see God manifest himself and to know God in ways that we have never knownhim before.

God is teaching me and all of us “never to give up”. Never to stop hoping and praying and believing that change can and will come if we invoke God and Jesus and the blood of Jesus.

We are going into a further understanding of dreams and visions and hearing the voice the Lord. I believe we are going into exceptional times where I have such an expectancy on God’s presence in our lives and situations. God is going to move on our behalf, in us and around us.

The enemy has tried to shut us up and shut us down but according to the Hebrew calendar and the times we are in, weare in the decade of “Pey”. The breath of God, the mouth, speaking forth and decreeing. However, ever since the decade began we have had to wear masks and then the “I can’t breathe” slogan came. Well, I decree we will breathe. We will breath in God and we will breath out God.

I am so excited for you and for me for the year 2021. I believe the goodness of God will surge like a tsunami and more freedom is coming to the body of Christ. I heard the Lord say to me to be careful not to take on the burdens that I should not carry. To learn to rest more that He is the burden bearer. He said to lighten up a bit and watch and see Him move on my behalf and your behalf.

Get ready! We are in for an exciting year!

Contributor: Nellie O’Hara

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