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A Movement of Unity Coming

Updated: Feb 27

I speak to people all over the world. In each phone call or zoom meeting you can feel the unity increasing, as we experience one Spirit together in the substance of our thinking and prayers together and of our devotional prayer and intercessions. This is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

"A movement of Unity is coming ahead of this next move of God we are contending for." Nellie O'Hara

Since the covid restrictions, I have connected with more people than i had before covid. I am talking with people in Russia, China, Bermia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Fiji Islands, The Netherlands, Austria, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa on a regular basis. Our conversation always comes from a place of what God is doing. Everyone of them has an expectation they are feeling in the Spirit. This unity of thought and expectation that I am encountering is more than just being in agreement with someone. It's higher. deeper, wider than all of that. It's a desire from the depths of the Spirit to contend together to bring heaven to earth. It's a desire to see God's will manifested. Hearts are melding together in the Spirit and our desire is to see the manifestation of all that God will bring and display in us and through us and around us.

I've been asking God to show me what this next move looks like, right as it begins. I want to see the sparks of the entrance of revival. I am looking, on alert, and excited. I can feel it and taste its closeness.

I pray you notice the unity and oneness in Spirit and enter in with your brothers and sisters to encounter the unity in your spirit as it begins to rise and increase. It is happening!

Contributor: Nellie O'Hara



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