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It's Birthing Time

Updated: Feb 27

There is a birthing right now for the next great move of God. What this great move looks like, no one really knows. But it was conceived in God's heart of love and we will bring it forth in love. We need to pray like never before and in the praying we will be birthing it.

We are not just to look at the big things God is doing, but the very small things He is in as well. Those small things can be the embers that ignite the fire to grow into big things. We know and we believe that the next move of God is the Baptism of Fire. What does that look like? It’s coming, swelling, you can feel it! It is His fire of love. In the next move of God which is coming upon us, there will be a grace some of you have never experienced. Great grace! We as a body will show the world what true love is!

God wants you to be part of what is coming! It is big. Meet God today in that intimate, secret place, and start praying for this coming Move of His Spirit and the part you will play, not only in the nation and the world, but in your personal life. His favorite place to meet you is right where you are!

Contributor: Nellie O'Hara

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