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Seasons of our Life

Trusting God

What season do we find ourselves in today?

I believe we are in a season of truly trusting Jesus, and His Word and pressing into that trust. It’s that trust which releases miracles and answered prayers and ultimately brings great joy because we have a Father we can trust.

Many years ago, I was going through some torment in the middle of the night, and the Lord

showed me a door in the Spirit realm. There was a name on the door and it was called TRUST. I went through the door as I felt Lord inviting me in. The Lord told me that I could not bring any of my problems into that room. That they could not enter through the threshold. So, I had to keep all of them out of the room. The only thing I could do in that place was to exercise trust.

The Lord said I could decorate the room, and all of a sudden, a pink velvet elegant couch appeared. I sat on the couch and then a comforter appeared and wrapped itself around me. I began to just trust God. It was not easy to not talk about my problems. I had to exercise my spiritual trust muscle. I could not even think about any situation or problem that was coming against me. Night after night, as I lay in my bed, I would go in there and just trust.

One night the Lord said to me, "You need to decorate this room more".

Then the most beautiful chandelier appeared to bring light. I could also sense an upstairs to that room, that there was a higher level I could go to. After another day or so, as I was sitting in the Trust Room, the Lord said again, “It’s time to further decorate it”. At that moment, a waterfall appeared. I walked over to this amazing waterfall and sat on the edge where I could put my feet in the water. Jesus came and sat beside me. We did not even talk. We just sat with each other, and I could feel His presence, His love, His faithfulness, His

affection. He was listening, even though I was not talking, I was only trusting.

After that, I began to sleep through the nights and I entered into a whole new season of my life. 

Now we are all in a new season of our lives, and here, is the place where we need to trust.

I know you trust God, and many have been through a season of great trust and are coming

through in victory.

Our God is amazing. His ways are not our ways. His weapons of warfare are not carnal but spiritual to the pulling down of strongholds.

What season do you find yourself in?

As you trust God in this season and see Him come through for you, may great joy be your

experience. May His unspeakable joy flow from deep within as we journey onward through the season you find yourself in. It’s not something we muster up but comes as a result of trusting Him.

Contributor: Nellie O'Hara

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