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The Church Is In Transition, Let’s Embrace It!

Updated: Feb 27

What is happening? Revelation is pouring down. The Word of God is alive. Intercessors are rising up. Prayer warriors are taking their place. Children of God are standing for what they believe and they are using their authority that Jesus paid such a great price for. This is what I am seeing.

We are in an amazing transition in the world today. It seems that there is a great uprising and awakening in the Body of Christ. To me, it is very exciting. Some of the church is being resistant to change, and some of the church is marching forward for change, and embracing it, and, some of the church is just waking up to change and transition.

With new battles to face in our globe, and nation, and families, what do we have to do to overcome right now? What solution do we need with what seems to be all hell coming against us? We must learn to obtain Kingdom mentality and let go of the way things have been done in the past. This is key. This is where we overcome. We need to possess and use this key which will bring, and is bringing, God’s way of thinking. His Kingdom mentality is what is needed to transform the church at this present time. We need the mind of Christ and we need to see things through the eyes of Christ and our way of seeing things must come into alignment with His way of seeing things. Each of us need to experience this on an individual level. Change always comes from the inside out.

I have found that a lot of our growth comes when we are going through things. When the pressure is on. When we are between a rock and a hard place. I remember using the expression a lot, a few years ago, “When the rubber hits the road.” This, is when we call upon the Comforter and we begin to press in and to listen to Him. As we do, our faith builds. What happens when faith builds? Doubt and unbelief go away. God’s way of thinking begins to supercede our thoughts, and become entangled with our thoughts, so we are finally operating with the mind of Christ.

Let us not be afraid to embrace change and to press in to listen to the heartbeat of God for what He wants to do in His body. After all it is, His body. If He is requiring His body to transition for what is necessary in this day and era and for what is to come, we need to have Kingdom mentality.

Nellie O'Hara, contributor

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