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This is the Day of Intercession

Updated: Feb 27

The Lord reminded me of a dream I had recently. In my dream, I heard the words “THIS IS the Day of Intercession.” I could feel the weight behind it, and the substance of the words which thundered through my spirit.

I knew in the spirit realm that we were entering into a new level of intercession. Our intercessions were riding on a great foundation because of all the intercession made throughout the passages of time, and that now, we are standing on the shoulders of those who stood in the gap from days gone by. (We honour them!)

In the dream, I heard a mandate in the Spirit and heard the Lord say, “It is time to RAMP UP the intercession!” I could hear that it was time to go deeper, higher and wider.

After I heard these things, I could feel the message was bathed in urgency.

We had to leave the comfort of our homes and it was as if we had to leave everything behind. I could not see anyone carrying anything. People began to gather on the street. They were discerning what was happening as they came out from their homes and as they were looking at one another on the street. It was as if there had been a broadcast message coming to our spirits to run. It was like we were receiving what direction we were to run in, without words.

I could see myself out on the street, and I could see others gathering behind me, who were also getting the message broadcast into their hearts. The same message to all of us at the same time. They were coming outside into the street from the comfort of their homes and getting ready to run too. They knew instinctively which way they were going to run.

There was a place of safety which had been prepared for us; a place that was waiting for us. I could see myself starting to run with all my might and all of a sudden I was in a bed, in-between white sheets. It was a pure place. I knew this was the first place we all had to come to. This was our first stop. It was the stop that was necessary to bring us to the next place that we would have to run to.

This first place had been made ready for us. It was already prepared. As I saw myself in the bed between the white sheets I knew it was a place of intimacy and a place of rest.

I then heard the Lord say, “There is a call, a broadcast that is going out, to run with URGENCY to this place of intimacy; It is urgent and required, in order to go further than you ever have been.”

I was taken into a grocery store and it was imperative that we buy food to take with us. Again, an urgency. It felt time-stamped to do this NOW. The atmosphere was solemn and everyone was beginning to get the message. The “Fear of the Lord” was present and it saturated the atmosphere.

I heard the Lord say, “You must step into this “NOW”. I am unlocking the hearts for the next level intercessions! For deep intercession which ONLY COMES from a place of intimacy with me. Run with all you have to intimacy!”

In my dream, I was reminded of Noah building the boat, the ark. When there was no rain to be seen with the natural eye, Noah heard the sound of rain.

God says, “Your intercessions are building an ark; You hear the sound of rain now and you hear the sound of the future. You have begun to build, but you need to ramp it up. You need to have intercession going higher, deeper, and wider from your homes and entering into that place of intimacy, coupled with the food, the bread of life, the word, fresh manna building, forming, fashioning, calling forth, pushing back, pushing forward, pushing out, pulling in and COMING INTO AGREEMENT WITH WHAT I HAVE ALREADY SAID.”

Just as Noah heard the sound of rain and began to build, so did Elijah hear the sound of rain. Nothing could be seen, yet after looking over and over again, a cloud the size of a man’s hand was seen. Immediate intercession by putting his head between his legs and birthing the rain was required. A man, a prophet, a prophetic intercessor was birthing. It was a NOW intercession, there was urgency on it. This is that moment of intercession. This is that now time…. to push.

I heard the Lord say that we will enforce what God has already said. We are going to build according to His instructions…. right to the very details in the Spirit.

We are the enforcers, we are the wild ones in intercession.

Because we have reached one level of intercession it is not time to get comfortable. Because we have victory at one level it is not time to stop building. It is time to ramp up the intercessions for our personal, corporate, national and global Kingdom affairs. On earth as it is in Heaven. Intercession is discerning what is to come and coming into agreement with that in prayer. We are the portals.

I hear the Lord say it is time, as one, discerning the body properly, to come into agreement with what God says. It is urgent to run into intimacy now. From there you will get your next step.

Wow what a dream! And for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see we know that we must press in, persevere and contend in intercession, calling forth those things that are not, as though they were.

Intercessors are awakening and rising up. This is our mandate. To disciple and equip and to do the work that is required to allow everyone to rise up in their giftings. Let’s be about our Father’s business and step into everything He has for us.

Nellie O'Hara

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