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We are captivated by love

Updated: Feb 27

So, I give you a new commandment: Love each other just as much as I have loved you. For when you demonstrate the same love I have for you by loving one another, everyone will know that you are my true followers. - John 13:34,35 TPT

Remember 1 Corinthians 13 as we respond to the voice of God when Jesus spoke and commanded us to love one another as He loved us. Later on, Paul actually shows us how to do this in God’s Word. We have all read the love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13. When we look on that chapter with the eyes of love it brings amazing revelation to us on how to love. Many people do not know how to love, but we have been given a blue print to be inscribed on our heart. The Word tells us the true love extends beyond the gift of prophecy. It says the love is more enduring than tongues and that love remains long after words of knowledge are forgotten. This is the kind of love God want us to walk in. Here we find our safe place, knowing that if we walk in this love that God will take care of us and vindicate us in every area of our lives.

This is what love is in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is large and incredibly patient. Love is gentle and consistently kind to all. It refuses to be jealous when blessing comes to someone else. Love does not brag about one’s achievements not inflate it’s own importantance. Love does not traffic in shame and disrespect, nor selfishly seek it’s own honour. Love is not easily irritated or quick to take offense. Love joyfully celebrates honesty, and finds no delight in what is wrong. Love is a safe place of shelter for it never stops believing the best for others. Love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up.


Father, I want to live in this kind of love. As your love flows through me I want to pour it out to others in my family, in my community and in my nation. Father let love be the beautiful prize for which I run, in Jesus Name.

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